EW-1065 Doomhammer

Dimension: 22 x 10 x 7


Packaging: Individually Packaged

Price: $349.95

Epic Weapons, premiere design and replica studio, is proud to present DOOMHAMMER as part of its museum-quality collection. Recreated by the finest materials and craftsmanship, this high end collectible spares no detail in the real-world realization of the in-game counterpart. Featuring a 3" grip wrapped in genuine, aged leather and over 30 independent parts, DOOMHAMMER weighs a mighty 18lbs and is boxed, ready for display.

Purchases made in China, Korea, and the European Union is all inclusive of pricing.  As such it includes all shipping, taxes, VAT, customs and duties.

G2G authentication device, Frostmourne Replica and Doomhammer Display Stand sold separately.

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